home MBM Solar Water Pump


Our solar pump capacity is ranging from variety of flow rates from 5 to 5000 LPM. Motor and inverter ratings ranging from 0.5 to 100.0 HP (0.5 to 75.0 KW)


  • AC solar pumps.
  • Simple installation and maintenance free.
  • Built in MPPT inverter a powerful all-in-one solution for ON Grid and OFF Grid applications


  • Pump
  • Inverter
  • Solar Panels
  • Internal cable with ON- OFF switch
  • Mounting stand aluminium of galvanize

MNRE Approved pump

Solar water pumping systems are ideal for the places where conventional supply is not available.

Preferred choice in remote locations to diesel pumps. In such places, solar water pumps are even viable economically in comparison to extension of grid or running pump on diesel.

Solar water pumping can be applicable for open wells or surface type bore wells or submersible type.