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Solar Rooftop Plant Manufacturer in Bhopal

We can’t ignore the fact that how frequently the electricity prize is increasing, in such case sun energy is emerging as an alternative through which one can use endless energy. You can use such energy easily by installing a solar panel at your rooftop, which simply transform the solar energy. MBM lights are the exalting as the best solar rooftop plant manufacturer in Bhopal, by manufacturing and installing a slew of rooftop plant in Bhopal. Installing or manufacturing a rooftop solar plant is a trend of today and a need of tomorrow, and by watching such need MBM lights manufacture panels range between 500 Watts to 1 Megawatt. Apart from installing and manufacturing MBM lights provides free maintenance to the rooftop plant, we are one of the organization in Bhopal which takes care of the plants and project. Furthermore, We have a unit of experience people in Bhopal who manages your rooftop plant to perform in its highest capacity.

We provide the most efficient solutions for installation and commissioning service for kilo watt to mega watt power scale project.

Why Rooftop Solar System?

  • Hedge against every increasing energy bill.
  • Intangible benefits such as green building rating & LEED certifications.
  • Being Highst rated chennel partner of MNRE India, subsidies and incentives can be availed directly, which makes it a cost-effective solution.
  • Reducing carbon footprint.
  • Decreasing use of DG’s hence saving fuel.
  • Effective use of building space hence no land required.
  • Maintenance free.
  • Reliable for 25 years.


This is without battery system hence very economic in cost and no recuring expences being no battery replacement required.

  • It reduces the energy bill by sharing and synchronizing the solar energy with grid.
  • New generation components provide high efficiency, Reliability & Durability.
  • It’s innovative technology Provides 99.99% MPPT Efficiency and generates more power even during low radiations.
  • It is suitable for both "Net metering" & "Regular metering" even if more load of power.
  • EPS system is integrated with reverse feeding controller for D.G. & reverse flow.


  • Running cost & maintenance very negligible and easy to install.
  • Smart inverter of delta, microtech, luminous, sukam, with MPPT technology.
  • High efficient- Make in india solar panels(APS).
  • Payback time – 3 to 5 years.
  • Adjustable in any kind of load without any changing in wiring can run air conditioners, refrigerator, heavy motors, etc.
  • We provide SCADA system if needed.